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NSRCAA Chair of the Board

Garneau United Church Administrator

Nichole has been a member of Garneau United Church for several years.  Over the years Nichole volunteered with the Church school, social committees, Food security program and gradually took on larger roles, eventually joining GUC Council as treasurer.  She felt compelled to do what she could to support her little congregation and grow the work of the church.  When the role of Administrator became available she happily took on this new challenge and knew her experience in multiple areas of the life of the church would be an asset to her in her new role. 

As a new admin the NSRCAA was an invaluable tool for her, so when she was asked to take on the role of chair she was exited to take on the challenge.  Her vision for the group is for it to be a place of support, knowledge and connection for all administrators across the region and beyond.  “We have wealth of knowledge, experience and skills in this group. I believe the more we know each other the more we each thrive.”



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