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Sally-Anne Woolnough

NSRCAA - Treasurer

Kirk Centre - Executive Director

As Executive Director of Kirk Centre Sally-Anne Woolnough wears many more hats than the positions title might imply.  If asked, she would tell you that running a 26,500 Ss Ft community centre can be a 24 hr a day job, but with that comes professional rewards beyond expectation. As a lifelong Edmontonian there is a personal stake that gives her the drive for success to work on a project for the betterment of the community and Edmonton at large. Before joining the United Church of Canada, she worked as a bookkeeper for over 10 years. Her career with the United Church of Canada started with the Edmonton Presbytery where she was introduced to the revisioning project to convert a single congregation United Church building into the vibrant community centre it is today. The work to date at the centre has used many of her work and personal skills and handiness. From financial budgeting to painting walls, customer relations to small repairs and strategic planning to lawn mowing. There is nothing Sally-Anne isn’t willing to pick up and learn to do to push forward the success of Kirk Centre. AREAS I CAN HELP OUT WITH: Incorporated Ministries, Non-Profit, Property & Building, Bookkeeping & Accounting.


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