This organization was formed many years ago to support United Church Office administrators in the Edmonton and surrounding areas.  It is supported financially by volunteer work, donations and grants. We are open to all administrators within the boundaries of the Northern Spirit Region.


The Association meets for approximately 2 hours once per month (except in July & August) to offer learning opportunities, support and networking opportunities.  We have offered a variety of Lunch & Learn sessions over the last few years including:


¨ Covid-19 response and preparedness planning

¨ Emergency First Aid & CPR

¨ Social media platforms

¨ Verbal Judo: Tactical Communication Skills

¨ Volunteer Acknowledgement & Rewards

¨ Church software programs

¨ Criminal & Police Records check requirements

¨ Excel spreadsheet training 1 and 2

¨ Building safety and security


Many administrators are part-time employees, and in our mostly small offices, may not have the support and collegiality of other administrators readily available.  New administrators may have questions about other items specific to the United Church, whether that is maintenance of the Historic Roll, guidelines around archiving, PowerChurch, QuickBooks or others.  The assistance and guidance of members of the Association can be invaluable.


We believe there is great value in this network of administrators, particularly in a time when our United Church is undergoing significant organizational change.  We encourage you to speak to your Board and M&P Committee and to join us at our monthly meetings.